Title 22, SPCC, SWPPP, AST
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Strandberg.SPCC.Title 22 California.SWPPP.Wastewater.Inspections.

Strandberg Associates provides environmental inspections for:

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, SWPPP

Spill Prevention Containment and Counter Measures, SPCC

Title 22 Hazardous Waste Storage
Tank Assessments.

With registrations in Chemical and Mechanical engineering and having certificates in tank inspection, API 653, STI SPOO1, we provide qualified inspections.

Additionally, we provide emergency generator inspections, emergency shower and eyewash inspections and hazardous gas scrubber inspections.

Inspections follow STI, API, NFPA 30, UL142, ASME standards as well as the California Fire, Mechanical and Plumbing Codes.